So, you already know this is about holidays. I’m going talk about Hannukah, since most people know more about Christmas. I do celebrate Christmas though. I mean, we don’t go to church or anything, but we celebrate with my grandma’s because she celebrates. So yeah, we hang up stockings, and we have a Christmas dinner. But Hannukah is different. Wait before I start, first of all, don’t think all Jews have no affiliation with Christmas, because you know who wrote all your carols….. yeah it was the Jews. THE JEWS. They wrote your music. Okay,you probably don’t care so I’m going to start now.

So once upon a time…. No. Actually, it’s not a happy, sweet fairy tale, except for the ending. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, so it’s a happy holiday right? Not as much with Hannukah. So I guess you could still open with that, but it doesn’t make much sense. So, here we go…… The Greeks and the Jews were, let’s just say, not the best of friends. The Greeks didn’t want them to practice their religion, but the Jews were like, nope! So they did it in secret. Kids played games of driedel in small hidden caves, while some practiced Shabbat (basically the Jewish Sabbath). Greek soldiers would come by to check on them, and they would quickly hide everything. Everything was sort of okay for a while, well almost. But then, the Greek raided Jerusalem, and wrecked the temple. Of course, the Jews were not so happy about this, so they revolted. A group of warriors called the Maccabees rose up to fight the Greek armies. Things were not looking so good for the Maccabees, they were heavily outnumbered, and did not have the wealth to buy such great weapons. Also the Greek were literally riding elephants. I don’t think that needs to be explained. But somehow, that little one percent chance of winning suddenly became a 100, and the Maccabees managed to beat the Greek. Yeah, wow. Congratulations. Then, the Jews went back to their temple, and lit the Menorah, which is found in most homes today as something like a candelabra, but with nine candles, the one in the middle being the tallest, and four shorter ones on each side. The tall one is called the Shamash, and it is the only candle that is directly lit by the match, your light the rest with the already lit candle. Anyways, they didn’t have matches or lighters back then, they only had oil to burn. Great, they could light the Menorah again right? Well yes, but they only had enough oil for one day. But, a miracle occurred, and the little bit of oil burned for eight days, leaving them enough time to find more oil.

Now, Hannukah is an eight day celebration, lighting one more candle each day. During Hannukah, you also get… PRESENTS. Yeah, I know. But who doesn’t like getting gifts? Like a Christmas turkey, there are also special foods for Hannukah. First, latkes. They are like potato pancakes. You can put things like applesauce or sour cream on top. There are also chocolate coins, which really are just prices of chocolate wrapped in gold foil.