6th Grade

Bun bun bun

Okay, so our teacher asked us to write a blog post about our 6th grade year. Welp have fun reading if you even do that sort of thing.°Д°

Okay, I’m just going put this out there. To be honest, 6th grade was not my favorite. For starters, I had a terrible schedule. I had literally one class with my best friends and it was PE.  And, to top it off, my two besties had almost all their classes together. Bruh. But, outside of school, things were mostly fine. Oh, forgot to say, I got into the same advisory as one of my best friends for the first time in the FIVE YEARS we’ve been friends. I felt really bad though because one of my other friends had like nobody she was friends with in her advisory. Well here’s a list of some stuff I did this year.

Learned to make sushi with my friends
Helped my brother choose a college
Had to go to like 5 million college tours(¬_¬)
Went to Chile
Had tons of school work
Got sick
Went to Canada
Went skiing

Argued with everyone about literally everything possible

Listened to music

And some other stuff

One of my favorite things about a class I had in fifth and sixth grade, French, was our ‘study days’. We never actually studied. I mean, unless you count being super overly competitive about Quizlet match. I usually studied with two of the boys in my class. We did some crazy stuff. They really liked to have marker wars. Ya know, with the expo markers for the whiteboard? We also just talked about random stuff. I’m really going to miss our French class. Next year, we’ll have a different teacher, Madame Engebretsen. She already knows me from study hall, soooooo… I hope I’m at least with my friends.

A fun project we did in science was making these little houses out of cardboard boxes. To be sciencey, we made them have electricity. Instead of a house, we turned ours into a restaurant. It had a sort of doorbell like thing, where if you open the door it activates a buzzer, and of course some generic lighting made of LEDs. We didn’t totally finish, but it was still fun to learn about how all the stuff worked, and to make tiny furniture and stuff.

A super-duper fun thing a did this year was get my bunnies! If you haven’t already, go read that post if you want to. Right now, they’re still fighting, but it’s getting much better. Maybe I’ll just make a whole other post on Stormy and Cloudy.

Oh, also I started watching Riverdale. I didn’t know where to put this.

(Those are Riverdale characters if you didn’t know)

Okay, I’m also supposed to talk about now. Well, quarantine is not fun, but I have it better than most. I have a next door neighbor who is less than two years older. I’m not allowed to go in their house, but I can still see her. I wish it was the other way around, because it’s SO HOT. Bleh. A good thing about quarantine is that my brother is home with us. He goes to Duke, so I see him more than most people see their college students, but not that much. I do feel bad for him though because there’s no one in our neighborhood his age. 🙁 Also, I get to eat lunch and play games with my parents. Schoolwise, now we don’t have as many partner projects or labs or anything, so I don’t get to do anything with my friends.

Overall, 6th grade was fine. I could list more reasons but those are private. I know I’m supposed to say now that even though there were some hard things, sixth grade was still pretty good. But was it though? Maybe for you. Regardless of everything else, I’ll still miss my advisory and some teachers. But I’m excited about summer because I can stay up late. Yay. Also, I’m still supposed to go to sleep away camp, sooo. I don’t know what I’m going to do during the rest of summer though.

My Bunnies!!

So, I got my bunnies!! Sorry I didn’t make the post earlier, but I wanted to wait a while for them to come out of there shell, and then I kinda forgot to make a post, so… Anyways, now, I’ll tell, you about them! I named them Stormy and Cloudy. As you can see in the picture, Stormy is dark grey, and cloudy is white with grey ears, grey spots around his eyes, and little grey speckles on his butt. They are so sweet. Cloudy is a little more outgoing then Stormy, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less sweet. Stormy is more of a chill kinda guy. Sometimes, they get really hyper, I don’t know why, and they’ll just run around circles in their cage, and then they’ll walk up to me like nothing happened. It’s really funny and cute. Did you know you can litter train a bunny? Cool, right! They are still learning, but they are getting pretty good at it. They are really easy to take care of. I feed them in the morning, then give them new water and hay. I’ll tell you about their cage, since you have no idea what it looks like, it doesn’t matter that much, but I’ll tell you. It’s pretty big, so they have some room to roam about. It has a wooden frame, with chicken wire in-between the posts. No, we don’t put wood shavings on the bottom, we actually use a mattress pad and then a blanket. Right now, they’re on a red Delta blanket. I love having bunnies. It lots of fun to come home and snuggle them. They are ridiculously soft. They are now 11 weeks old. They aren’t going to get much bigger than they are now, which is like the size of a typical hardcover book. I love them sooooooooo much. Wait, can’t forget the LBF!!


LBF: Bunnies go into a trance if you flip them on their backs!!😴🐇😆

Halloween Bunnies!

Creative Commons

Did you know you can dress up your bunny? No, I wouldn’t take them trick-or-treating with you, but you can put on a costume, just make sure it’s pet friendly. So, my bunnies were born, I have my eye on a little black and white one. Oh by the way, comment below if you have a bunny, it doesn’t have to be a mini rex, and if so, are you dressing it up for Halloween? You are also welcome to comment what your costume will be. I’m going as a cat burglar, but a burglar who just happens to be a cat. I like funny costumes. So, back to bunnies. You definitely should not give your bunny any candy, as it could be really bad for them, not that they won’t like the treat. Instead, you can give them a fresh leaf of kale, some apple slices, or of course, a carrot. Just make sure you slice it up before they eat it, and your bunny will be as happy as you are with your candy. Also another thing to comment on, what is your favorite candy? Oh, also, there’s this show called Watership Down, and it’s also a book, but it’s a different story. If you like rabbits, you should definitely watch it. If you do, comment your favorite character. Mine is Bigwig. Wow, there’s a lot of stuff to comment on. Well that’s just about it. By- wait! Did you forget! The LBF!

LBF: A female rabbit is called a doe, and a male is called a buck!🐇🐰😆