Battle of the Books

So, at my school, we do Battle of the Books. I made my team!! I’m so excited! We battle in March, I don’t know exactly when though. Somewhere near the end of the month.

Battle of the Books is looking like sports, but with books.  It’s available for 6th-8th grade. It’s a little like trivia. You have to read I think 22 books, two each week. Then you take a test, which was really hard, but I still made the team. I got fifth place out of twelve people, and most everyone ahead of me was older. Before we had read all the book, we used to sit at tables, and each table would get a question to answer together. Now, we do practice rounds, to prepare for the real competition.

Wings of Fire

Wings Of Fire Fleece Blanket

So yesterday, I started reading Wings of Fire, by Tui T. Sutherland. To sum up how much I LOVE it, I read all 468 pages of the first book last night. It’s soooooo good. After I finished that, I wanted to read the second book, but the novel wasn’t available, so I checked out the comic instead. It’s just as good. I think. If it’s not, do tell and I’ll read the novel too, which I’ll probably end up doing anyways, but still.


Ok, if you haven’t read the first book, stop here. Please. It’s for your own good. You know, it’s really annoying when you tell people to stop reading and they just keep going, like you are, so stop. Now. Really.


In the first book, my favorite character was definitely Peril. She was AWESOME. Although she was slightly crazy, still AWESOME. The whole SkyWing arena thing really reminded me of the hunger games, which I read last year. It was like that arena, except much smaller, a different landscape, if you can even call that a landscape, and well, dragons. I should rant about the HG too, but not here. Later. Anyways… I liked Peril. I really like SkyWings. Yes, their kingdom was chaotic and cruel, but it was just their queen, Scarlet. Yeah she was insane. But one time in extended day, a 7th grader and some of my friends were talking about wings of fire and what type of Wing they would be, and I was like, hey that sounds cool, what would I be. And the 7th grader(that sounds kinda rude but I don’t have permission to use her name without asking, which I didn’t do) said I could be a SkyWing, and told me about them. I was like yas kween imma be awesome. There were two seawings, a nightwing, a rainwing, an icewing, and me, a SkyWing. Oh wow. This is a lot of writing.


Ok, so exactly what I said at the top, but for the second book.


I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m pretty close. So far, my favorite character is Riptide, the SeaWing. I feel so bad for Anemone. I almost grogot her name. Almost. She has to be harnessed to Queen Coral, who is at least much kinder than Scarlet, but still pretty neurotic. I also feel really bad for Tsunami, because she killed her dad without even knowing it was her dad, and how are you supposed to tell that to your mother?! I do really like the comic, because it’s really cool to see what everything looks like, instead of just hearing about it. Well, I think I’m done for now, until I read more, so Toodle-oo!

My Bunnies!!

So, I got my bunnies!! Sorry I didn’t make the post earlier, but I wanted to wait a while for them to come out of there shell, and then I kinda forgot to make a post, so… Anyways, now, I’ll tell, you about them! I named them Stormy and Cloudy. As you can see in the picture, Stormy is dark grey, and cloudy is white with grey ears, grey spots around his eyes, and little grey speckles on his butt. They are so sweet. Cloudy is a little more outgoing then Stormy, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less sweet. Stormy is more of a chill kinda guy. Sometimes, they get really hyper, I don’t know why, and they’ll just run around circles in their cage, and then they’ll walk up to me like nothing happened. It’s really funny and cute. Did you know you can litter train a bunny? Cool, right! They are still learning, but they are getting pretty good at it. They are really easy to take care of. I feed them in the morning, then give them new water and hay. I’ll tell you about their cage, since you have no idea what it looks like, it doesn’t matter that much, but I’ll tell you. It’s pretty big, so they have some room to roam about. It has a wooden frame, with chicken wire in-between the posts. No, we don’t put wood shavings on the bottom, we actually use a mattress pad and then a blanket. Right now, they’re on a red Delta blanket. I love having bunnies. It lots of fun to come home and snuggle them. They are ridiculously soft. They are now 11 weeks old. They aren’t going to get much bigger than they are now, which is like the size of a typical hardcover book. I love them sooooooooo much. Wait, can’t forget the LBF!!


LBF: Bunnies go into a trance if you flip them on their backs!!😴🐇😆

Plank Challenge!!!

Ok, so yesterday, which was 12/19/19, I planked for 43 minutes. 43 43 43 OMG. And 13 seconds. And 62 milliseconds. Not to brag, but me and Audrey were the last to go down at the end of the period. Okay, I’m totally bragging now. But I’m proud. Yeah. I had no idea I could do that.

When Ms. Donnelly said we were doing a plank challenge I was like yeah, I’ll probably be get to like, three or four minutes. Yeah. And then that happened. So we didn’t just start this, we started this (southern grandma accent) way back in de olden days, when I was your age… Please stop. Please. So we started at thirty seconds, and moved up five seconds each day. Towards the end, we started doing ten seconds to get it moving faster. We stopped increasing the time at 6 minutes. Then, on the last day, we went as long as we could. As I said, Audrey and I went the whole period. During the challenge, the first ten minutes were all that was physically, the rest was all mental. Conor and I had this strategy to imagine all the negative feelings, like pain, tired, or even bored, were little demons, and there were different ways to make them all go away.

I think this challenge was a really good idea. At first, I really didn’t want to do it, but after a while it started to get really fun. Not all goals have to be quite the same style as this, but I think this was a really good way of practicing goal setting. It was also a good way to show how doing things daily can make you do things better. I really enjoyed and liked this plank challenge, and think it is an awesome idea.

Wisdom Tale Comic

During Language Arts, we read a book called Wisdom Tales From Around the World. Then, after reading a good bit of the book and making notes, we made comics. I did a story called Old Dog and Coyote, as you can see in the super obvious giant title in the picture. I used Comic Life for the base of the comic, if you know what I mean, and Sketchbook to make the drawings. I spent so long on them. I was frustrated so I drew a dragon that wasn’t half bad. I picked the story that only has one frame where I have to put a human, the farmer, cause I’m terrible at drawing people. My friend helped me so much with that. I don’t know what I’m supposed to really be writing, so here goes nothing. Some people used paper 53, but I think sketchbook is better. Yes this is secretly a sketchbook ad. You can’t escape the aaaaaadddddddssss! Seriously there are so many ads these days it’s creepy. Ok FOCUS. Please. Ok, the actual book. There were lots of stories in it, but we didn’t read the, all. We read 30 tales. Or maybe we read tails. Ooo. We made these notes in Google slides. I put lifted shapes on each one that related to the story. So cute! Reading wisdom tales shows a lot of life lessons in a funny and cute way.

Colombian Penpal Letters


Recently, well, not that recently, we wrote letters to some college students in Colombia, who were taking in English course and thought it would be fun to use their new skills with us. Our Language Arts teacher, Miss Donnelly, knows the woman who teaches their class, Anna. We did not know much about Colombia as a class at the beginning, but we were enlightened by our pen pals who hath given us the teachings of their country. So enlightened.

Well anywaaay, my penpal was named Cesar. Yup. Cesar. We talked about lots of things, like music, food, traditions and also a lot about climate and weather. It was fun writing to him, even though he and I are 19 years apart, we still have stuff in common. It was a little weird because he told me about his girlfriend, and I was like ooooookkkay did not need to know all the details, but sssuuurreee. Some of his sentences were a little confusing, but it was still easy to read most of it. Also, he was sooooo polite. The only things bad about these letters is that now they’re done with the class, so I’ll probably never get to talk to him again, and the probability of me meeting him is super low, because I don’t even know his last name. The penpal thing was a fun experience.




So, you already know this is about holidays. I’m going talk about Hannukah, since most people know more about Christmas. I do celebrate Christmas though. I mean, we don’t go to church or anything, but we celebrate with my grandma’s because she celebrates. So yeah, we hang up stockings, and we have a Christmas dinner. But Hannukah is different. Wait before I start, first of all, don’t think all Jews have no affiliation with Christmas, because you know who wrote all your carols….. yeah it was the Jews. THE JEWS. They wrote your music. Okay,you probably don’t care so I’m going to start now.

So once upon a time…. No. Actually, it’s not a happy, sweet fairy tale, except for the ending. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, so it’s a happy holiday right? Not as much with Hannukah. So I guess you could still open with that, but it doesn’t make much sense. So, here we go…… The Greeks and the Jews were, let’s just say, not the best of friends. The Greeks didn’t want them to practice their religion, but the Jews were like, nope! So they did it in secret. Kids played games of driedel in small hidden caves, while some practiced Shabbat (basically the Jewish Sabbath). Greek soldiers would come by to check on them, and they would quickly hide everything. Everything was sort of okay for a while, well almost. But then, the Greek raided Jerusalem, and wrecked the temple. Of course, the Jews were not so happy about this, so they revolted. A group of warriors called the Maccabees rose up to fight the Greek armies. Things were not looking so good for the Maccabees, they were heavily outnumbered, and did not have the wealth to buy such great weapons. Also the Greek were literally riding elephants. I don’t think that needs to be explained. But somehow, that little one percent chance of winning suddenly became a 100, and the Maccabees managed to beat the Greek. Yeah, wow. Congratulations. Then, the Jews went back to their temple, and lit the Menorah, which is found in most homes today as something like a candelabra, but with nine candles, the one in the middle being the tallest, and four shorter ones on each side. The tall one is called the Shamash, and it is the only candle that is directly lit by the match, your light the rest with the already lit candle. Anyways, they didn’t have matches or lighters back then, they only had oil to burn. Great, they could light the Menorah again right? Well yes, but they only had enough oil for one day. But, a miracle occurred, and the little bit of oil burned for eight days, leaving them enough time to find more oil.

Now, Hannukah is an eight day celebration, lighting one more candle each day. During Hannukah, you also get… PRESENTS. Yeah, I know. But who doesn’t like getting gifts? Like a Christmas turkey, there are also special foods for Hannukah. First, latkes. They are like potato pancakes. You can put things like applesauce or sour cream on top. There are also chocolate coins, which really are just prices of chocolate wrapped in gold foil.


Recently, we went on a field trip to a plantation, Stagville. Owned by the Bennehan-Cameron family, Stagville was one of the biggest plantations in the south. Our tour of this historic site was through the perspective of the people who were enslaved there, so I guess it was more interesting than normal. Not that going to see plantations is the most fun things ever though. I don’t know. We got to see this old chimney on one of the houses, and you could actually see fingerprints in the bricks! In one of them, there was a small set of toes, and we all know what that means…. It was really sad. We looked inside the houses, and we saw the beds they slept on, and some replicas of their personal belongings, like children’s toys and stuff. Then, we went into another house, where we saw this big saw, and we actually got to use it, so that was nice. It was a big two brothers person saw, and even though a bunch of us took trunk, we barely made a dent in the log we were cutting. After that, we went to see the owners house, and that was a long fancy and stuff. The weird thing is, there were so many ladybugs. SOOO MAAANNNYYY. They were everywhere. After we saw that house we ate lunch and the we went to the visitor center, where we learned about games kids would play. We played pass the slipper. Then we went back. Honestly, the most fun part was the bus ride.

Halloween Bunnies!

Creative Commons

Did you know you can dress up your bunny? No, I wouldn’t take them trick-or-treating with you, but you can put on a costume, just make sure it’s pet friendly. So, my bunnies were born, I have my eye on a little black and white one. Oh by the way, comment below if you have a bunny, it doesn’t have to be a mini rex, and if so, are you dressing it up for Halloween? You are also welcome to comment what your costume will be. I’m going as a cat burglar, but a burglar who just happens to be a cat. I like funny costumes. So, back to bunnies. You definitely should not give your bunny any candy, as it could be really bad for them, not that they won’t like the treat. Instead, you can give them a fresh leaf of kale, some apple slices, or of course, a carrot. Just make sure you slice it up before they eat it, and your bunny will be as happy as you are with your candy. Also another thing to comment on, what is your favorite candy? Oh, also, there’s this show called Watership Down, and it’s also a book, but it’s a different story. If you like rabbits, you should definitely watch it. If you do, comment your favorite character. Mine is Bigwig. Wow, there’s a lot of stuff to comment on. Well that’s just about it. By- wait! Did you forget! The LBF!

LBF: A female rabbit is called a doe, and a male is called a buck!🐇🐰😆