Late Start 2/19/20

Patti Donnelly

So my school does these things called late starts and you probably know what that means. We have them once a month, and this post is about February’s. So on late start days, there are no classes, so we do other stuff. Yeah. So this time we had a visiting author and then we went to the Nasher. The author’s name was Scott Reintgen (pronounced Rankin if you want to know). He has written several books, including the middle grade novel Saving Fable, as well as the Nyxia series, and his newest series, Ashlords. That’s the one he told us about. He has already written the second book, called Blood Sworn, but it’s not out yet. He was really funny. I’ll explain the book if you want to know. It was really good. I read it in like three days. Not that high a bar for me but still. Anyways, you know how we have the Olympics? I’m going to assume you do. So in the world in Ashlords, their Olympics are the Races, where they races these magical horses called Phoenixes. I’m also going to hope you know what Phoenixes are. So basically, like a regular Phoenix, they die at the end of the day (not all bird Phoenixes die at that time) every day, and turn into ashes. BUT, there’s a twist. WoAh. You can put these different powders in the ashes that make different kinds of horses. So you could have a glowing horse, or a horse with spikes on its shoulders. It was really good.

Okay, moving on to the Nasher. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of art museums, which you might think is weird because I love art. I like making it, not spending five hours analyzing other people’s work. The Nasher was interesting but a little weird. We looked at all these old paintings, and then some new paintings, and then some 3D stuff. There was this really weird sculpture that had sort of a whale head and the hole things was made of buttons. I think it was a costume. I feel like it would’ve been really heavy though. Then we went back to school and went home. NOPE! We watched Hidden Figures in Madame Moore’s room. She teaches French so we call her Madame. It means Mrs. Well anyways, I had a fun time that late start, even if the Nasher was kind of boring. For me, at least. I would definitely recommend Ashlords and Scott Reintgen in general to everyone, especially if you enjoy fantasy. Leave a reply please!


Recently, we went on a field trip to a plantation, Stagville. Owned by the Bennehan-Cameron family, Stagville was one of the biggest plantations in the south. Our tour of this historic site was through the perspective of the people who were enslaved there, so I guess it was more interesting than normal. Not that going to see plantations is the most fun things ever though. I don’t know. We got to see this old chimney on one of the houses, and you could actually see fingerprints in the bricks! In one of them, there was a small set of toes, and we all know what that means…. It was really sad. We looked inside the houses, and we saw the beds they slept on, and some replicas of their personal belongings, like children’s toys and stuff. Then, we went into another house, where we saw this big saw, and we actually got to use it, so that was nice. It was a big two brothers person saw, and even though a bunch of us took trunk, we barely made a dent in the log we were cutting. After that, we went to see the owners house, and that was a long fancy and stuff. The weird thing is, there were so many ladybugs. SOOO MAAANNNYYY. They were everywhere. After we saw that house we ate lunch and the we went to the visitor center, where we learned about games kids would play. We played pass the slipper. Then we went back. Honestly, the most fun part was the bus ride.

Camp Cheerio Thank You Note

Dear Cheerio,

Thank you so much for hosting us! I really enjoyed my time at Camp Cheerio. It was a great school trip idea.

Some of my favorite things were the vertical playpen and canoeing. I also loved free time when we could hang out in the cabins, laughing, chatting and drawing. The Spelio box was a common favorite too. After we figured it out, it was fun to see how fast we could get through the maze. After a while, we also played hide and seek and tag. I especially liked going down and see the horses! They were so sweet, and their muzzles were so soft and so friendly, they would eat right out of your hand! The vertical playpen challenged me to try my hardest, and I did end up making it to the top a couple times! Canoeing was great too, as the water was so cool and refreshing. There was also lots of talking and laughing, and of course a couple big rocks. Archery was also lots of fun! I do archery at another camp, so it was nice to try again. I loved the way the bowstring would snap forward, and release the arrow to let it seemingly glide along with the wind, and the hit the target with a satisfying ‘thwack’. 

I also enjoyed meeting all the counselors! You guys were all very friendly and welcoming and made me feel very much at home. I don’t like to pick favorites, but I have to say Emmie and Bubba were the best. Bubba was so friendly, and he always kept our energy running and our spirits high. Emmie was fun to talk with and it was amazing to watch her dance. I think we all found it funny when she said, ” I don’t do sports, I make bracelets!”

Another favorite was the FOOD. It was delicious! I loved getting to have huge homemade breakfasts every day! Thanks again to the amazing cooks!

Well, overall, I had a fantastic time at camp cheerio, and hope to see the beautiful starry mountain night again soon!