Cosmic/ Roller Coaster

Okay so our teacher asked us to make  a blog post on this thing we did for Language Arts. IN CLASS oops I had caps lock on we’ve been reading this book called Cosmic, by a guy named Frank Cottrell Boyce. Wait I want to know do you say it like hours or ares. So the book is really about a kid who got stuck in space, but there’s a lot about roller coasters in it. So, our teacher asked us to do this project where we designed our own roller coaster. Mine is called The Bunny Bounce, cause it’s shaped like a bunny, also BUNNIES. Oh btw my bunnies are becoming friends again. Yey. Just thought I’d add that in there. I’m going to put in the paragraph advertising it, and also a pic.

Welcome to the Bunny Bounce, the newest roller coaster Universal Studio’s Dreamworks Park! This ride will give you the thrill of the century. C’mon, I know you can’t resist hopping into an adorable Carrot Car. This ride has two very steep drops, on the ‘ears’ of the rabbit, both at a 79 degree angle, and goes upside-down 2 times. This ride is made of Green painted steel pipes that stretch for 1.7 mi. This ride goes at a relatively fast speed of 84 mph, and has a G-force of 1.3. For safety reasons, The Bunny Bounce is only available to those 54 in. or taller. Come check out The Bunny Bounce, even the sight of it is sure to scare living carrots right outta you.

I don’t know why it’s in Dreamworks park but none of the other sections fit. Maybe it’s a Peter Rabbit ride. Was that even Dreamworks? I think it might’ve been Warner Bros. Eh, it doesn’t really matter. Oh also, the carrot car is organic. I wrote organic on the side, but it doesn’t really show up. Oh also, if you look closely, the people I drew in the car are wearing bunny ears, so you get complementary bunny ears if you go on the ride. It’s a built in souvenir. Well anyways, bye!


Hi so this is just going be me looking out my window and thinking, and then typing my thoughts. Okay.

I see my neighbor’s house. I wish I could go over there. We can only go in each other’s yards. I mean, I know I’m really lucky to have my neighbor, but still. I see the tree I climbed yesterday. You can get sooo high up. I only figured out how to do it a couple days ago, so it’s still pretty exciting. I see our old lamp post thing. I miss NY. I’m glad we don’t live there now though. I see the CPI sign in my neighbors yard. It’s really red. I wonder what CPI stands for. City Police…. Invoice? I don’t know. I see our road. Not that interesting. I wish they would pave our other road. OMG A CAR. There are never cars. I mean, there were never really that many cars cause we live in a really little neighborhood, but now there are like no cars. AND THERE WAS A CAR! Is it going to rain. I kind of hope so. I really like running in the rain. I go running with my neighbor. I do like everything with my neighbor. Well, except for everything inside, and school. So not everything. Everything is so GREEN. Our whole neighborhood is green now. Well except for…. Okay we don’t need to do that. Even my neighbor’s house is green. Ish. There’s a crack in this window. It’s not very big though. It’s probably fine. Or not DA DA DUUUUUHHH. That reminds me of this thing we did in second grade. I’m not going to explain. I might later if anyone cares that much, but most of the people who read these went to second grade with me, which is the majority of the world, but…. I’m just going to stop now. Okay fine it was that thing where the visiting author came and then there was this picture book with a red pen and then this guy hid in a trashcan and said da da duhh. That probably made it even more confusing. Yay! I wish we had a mailbox like my neighbor’s. Their’s has fake wood around it and a red flag. Ours is literally a metal box attached to the front of the house. It’s supposed to have a quill dipped in ink on it, but it honestly just looks more like a vacuum cleaner. Oooo a bird. Aw it flew away 🙁 It’s getting a little windy. I like wind though. Oh it stopped. Yey. This seems like a lot. Oh there’s this artist who made a creature called an Alot, so that people remember it’s two words. CAUSE IT IS OK GET IT RIGHT. Jeez calm down. Okay. Please please please reply, I’m tryna get to 2,00 subs!! No. I don’t even have YouTube. Okay bye.

Corona Kindness


Creative Commons

During self isolation, we might be mad, or sad, or frustrated. I myself am all three of those. But while this may seem hard and annoying, we have to remember to stay positive. Think about your parents and grandparents, who lived and fought through wars. All were being asked to do is sit on a couch and be patient. Try to think about something kind someone did for you. For me, pretty much everyday, I go see my neighbor. We are not allowed in each other’s houses, but our parents still let us play outside together, which is especially kind since her mother is a doctor. Whose parents are still going to work? My mom is. She still makes dinner when she comes home. My dad works from home, and he comes up and checks on us, makes us breakfast, and eats lunch with me. What kind actions have you done? What have you seen others do? Comment below please!!

Late Start 2/19/20

Patti Donnelly

So my school does these things called late starts and you probably know what that means. We have them once a month, and this post is about February’s. So on late start days, there are no classes, so we do other stuff. Yeah. So this time we had a visiting author and then we went to the Nasher. The author’s name was Scott Reintgen (pronounced Rankin if you want to know). He has written several books, including the middle grade novel Saving Fable, as well as the Nyxia series, and his newest series, Ashlords. That’s the one he told us about. He has already written the second book, called Blood Sworn, but it’s not out yet. He was really funny. I’ll explain the book if you want to know. It was really good. I read it in like three days. Not that high a bar for me but still. Anyways, you know how we have the Olympics? I’m going to assume you do. So in the world in Ashlords, their Olympics are the Races, where they races these magical horses called Phoenixes. I’m also going to hope you know what Phoenixes are. So basically, like a regular Phoenix, they die at the end of the day (not all bird Phoenixes die at that time) every day, and turn into ashes. BUT, there’s a twist. WoAh. You can put these different powders in the ashes that make different kinds of horses. So you could have a glowing horse, or a horse with spikes on its shoulders. It was really good.

Okay, moving on to the Nasher. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of art museums, which you might think is weird because I love art. I like making it, not spending five hours analyzing other people’s work. The Nasher was interesting but a little weird. We looked at all these old paintings, and then some new paintings, and then some 3D stuff. There was this really weird sculpture that had sort of a whale head and the hole things was made of buttons. I think it was a costume. I feel like it would’ve been really heavy though. Then we went back to school and went home. NOPE! We watched Hidden Figures in Madame Moore’s room. She teaches French so we call her Madame. It means Mrs. Well anyways, I had a fun time that late start, even if the Nasher was kind of boring. For me, at least. I would definitely recommend Ashlords and Scott Reintgen in general to everyone, especially if you enjoy fantasy. Leave a reply please!

Wisdom Tale Comic

During Language Arts, we read a book called Wisdom Tales From Around the World. Then, after reading a good bit of the book and making notes, we made comics. I did a story called Old Dog and Coyote, as you can see in the super obvious giant title in the picture. I used Comic Life for the base of the comic, if you know what I mean, and Sketchbook to make the drawings. I spent so long on them. I was frustrated so I drew a dragon that wasn’t half bad. I picked the story that only has one frame where I have to put a human, the farmer, cause I’m terrible at drawing people. My friend helped me so much with that. I don’t know what I’m supposed to really be writing, so here goes nothing. Some people used paper 53, but I think sketchbook is better. Yes this is secretly a sketchbook ad. You can’t escape the aaaaaadddddddssss! Seriously there are so many ads these days it’s creepy. Ok FOCUS. Please. Ok, the actual book. There were lots of stories in it, but we didn’t read the, all. We read 30 tales. Or maybe we read tails. Ooo. We made these notes in Google slides. I put lifted shapes on each one that related to the story. So cute! Reading wisdom tales shows a lot of life lessons in a funny and cute way.



So, you already know this is about holidays. I’m going talk about Hannukah, since most people know more about Christmas. I do celebrate Christmas though. I mean, we don’t go to church or anything, but we celebrate with my grandma’s because she celebrates. So yeah, we hang up stockings, and we have a Christmas dinner. But Hannukah is different. Wait before I start, first of all, don’t think all Jews have no affiliation with Christmas, because you know who wrote all your carols….. yeah it was the Jews. THE JEWS. They wrote your music. Okay,you probably don’t care so I’m going to start now.

So once upon a time…. No. Actually, it’s not a happy, sweet fairy tale, except for the ending. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, so it’s a happy holiday right? Not as much with Hannukah. So I guess you could still open with that, but it doesn’t make much sense. So, here we go…… The Greeks and the Jews were, let’s just say, not the best of friends. The Greeks didn’t want them to practice their religion, but the Jews were like, nope! So they did it in secret. Kids played games of driedel in small hidden caves, while some practiced Shabbat (basically the Jewish Sabbath). Greek soldiers would come by to check on them, and they would quickly hide everything. Everything was sort of okay for a while, well almost. But then, the Greek raided Jerusalem, and wrecked the temple. Of course, the Jews were not so happy about this, so they revolted. A group of warriors called the Maccabees rose up to fight the Greek armies. Things were not looking so good for the Maccabees, they were heavily outnumbered, and did not have the wealth to buy such great weapons. Also the Greek were literally riding elephants. I don’t think that needs to be explained. But somehow, that little one percent chance of winning suddenly became a 100, and the Maccabees managed to beat the Greek. Yeah, wow. Congratulations. Then, the Jews went back to their temple, and lit the Menorah, which is found in most homes today as something like a candelabra, but with nine candles, the one in the middle being the tallest, and four shorter ones on each side. The tall one is called the Shamash, and it is the only candle that is directly lit by the match, your light the rest with the already lit candle. Anyways, they didn’t have matches or lighters back then, they only had oil to burn. Great, they could light the Menorah again right? Well yes, but they only had enough oil for one day. But, a miracle occurred, and the little bit of oil burned for eight days, leaving them enough time to find more oil.

Now, Hannukah is an eight day celebration, lighting one more candle each day. During Hannukah, you also get… PRESENTS. Yeah, I know. But who doesn’t like getting gifts? Like a Christmas turkey, there are also special foods for Hannukah. First, latkes. They are like potato pancakes. You can put things like applesauce or sour cream on top. There are also chocolate coins, which really are just prices of chocolate wrapped in gold foil.

What I Notice

Yesterday in class, we focused on what we notice. Hey, that rhymes! That’s something I notice. We all went outside and just sat quietly, noticing things. There are different kinds of noticing, all associated with your five senses. Hearing the annoying buzz of the air conditioning, watching a tiny inchworm crawl up a huge tree, tasting the sour Tang of your tangerine. All of those things are something you notice. Whether they are small details or broad topics, you can notice them all.

I notice lots of things. One is things that are furry or soft. When I go into a furniture store, I always see lots of soft blankets and furry pillows, always before I notice everything else. The other thing is bird calls. Whenever I’m outside, I always hear birds. It sounds like they’re talking to each other. Maybe one says ” How are you today?”. The other might answer “I’m good, how about you?”. Then I whistle into the air, not having a clue what that might mean to them, but they always call back to me searching for the sound they heard. Though they are very different, these are two things I notice. I hear and see them every day because they are important to me. What do you notice? Do you hear it? See it? Smell it? Whatever you notice is part of you, so treasure it, whatever it is. No matter what.

Camp Cheerio Thank You Note

Dear Cheerio,

Thank you so much for hosting us! I really enjoyed my time at Camp Cheerio. It was a great school trip idea.

Some of my favorite things were the vertical playpen and canoeing. I also loved free time when we could hang out in the cabins, laughing, chatting and drawing. The Spelio box was a common favorite too. After we figured it out, it was fun to see how fast we could get through the maze. After a while, we also played hide and seek and tag. I especially liked going down and see the horses! They were so sweet, and their muzzles were so soft and so friendly, they would eat right out of your hand! The vertical playpen challenged me to try my hardest, and I did end up making it to the top a couple times! Canoeing was great too, as the water was so cool and refreshing. There was also lots of talking and laughing, and of course a couple big rocks. Archery was also lots of fun! I do archery at another camp, so it was nice to try again. I loved the way the bowstring would snap forward, and release the arrow to let it seemingly glide along with the wind, and the hit the target with a satisfying ‘thwack’. 

I also enjoyed meeting all the counselors! You guys were all very friendly and welcoming and made me feel very much at home. I don’t like to pick favorites, but I have to say Emmie and Bubba were the best. Bubba was so friendly, and he always kept our energy running and our spirits high. Emmie was fun to talk with and it was amazing to watch her dance. I think we all found it funny when she said, ” I don’t do sports, I make bracelets!”

Another favorite was the FOOD. It was delicious! I loved getting to have huge homemade breakfasts every day! Thanks again to the amazing cooks!

Well, overall, I had a fantastic time at camp cheerio, and hope to see the beautiful starry mountain night again soon!




Window or Mirror

Window or Mirror

Leah S.


One book I read this summer was Serafina and the Seven Stars by Robert Beatty. All books are either windows or mirrors. A mirror is when you are looking back into your world or a world very similar to yours. For example, the same time period and a similar setting. A window is when you are looking into a different world. For example, a world in the past or where magical creatures and fantastical beings exist. 


Serafina and the Seven Stars is a window because you are looking into Serafina’s world in the 1800s. Her world is quite fantastical and filled with many different and amazing creatures. Robert Beatty has found a great way to give us every detail on these beings and almost makes us believe the story is real. As this book is the 4th sequel in the Serafina Series, you should definitely read the first three books too, starting with Serafina and the Black Cloak. If you like a book filled with friendship, hope, fantasy, and a powerful story, this is the book for you.