Woodles and Ruben!!

Dear No One,

So guess what!! I just love the look of two exclamation points. Anyways, tommorow a puppy is coming to our house!! His name I Ruben, and he is SO. STINKIN. CUTE!!!! He is a Woodle, which is the most hypoallergenic dog in the world. If you know me, you’ll know I’ve always wanted a doggo. I’ve got bunnies now, but you know what they say, the more the merrier! You’ll also know that my dad is SUPER allergic to a bunch of animals. So for a while we’ve been researching woodles. They’re half wheaten terrier half poodle, hence the doodle part. A couple weeks ago, my mom contacted a Woodle breeder.(I know it’s generally not great to get animals from breeders, but this is a special exception, ok. Don’t get me wrong, some day I would love to go rescue a little somebody, but for a Woodle it’s not possible.) Anyways, they hooked us up with a family who’d recently adopted one of their puppies, and we got to meet him!! We went to go play in the dog park with him, and my dad only got allergic when some other dogs came in to play. So tomorrow, Rubens owners are going to come to our house and drop him off, so we’ll have a puppy for a couple hours!!!! IM SO EXCITED:3 We’re hoping that if some of Ruben’s hair gets in our home that we’ll be able to tell better if my dad is allergic. Obviously, I really hope he’s not. Ruben is such a sweetie, and apparently all woodles have that sort of temperament. He was super sweet and friendly but he also loved to run around and play with toys. He was very smart and they’d already taught him lots of tricks!! Here’s a pic of Ruben if u want to see him, but it’s not the best picture of what he really looks like. Ok anyways byyyyyeeee.

Aa help the radiator

Omg, the radiator is buzzing like crazy I’m scared. I think it’s growling at me help. Oh, it stopped thank goodness. AAH NO IT STARTED AGAIN. I’m just imagining like cartoon style, my grave, and it says RIP Leah S.(sorry I’m not allowed to use my full name) death by evil radiator monster. Ah, what is going on with me? I think I’m going insane. Also, can you put a video in here? I don’t think so. Also, I think the radiator would eat me if I recorded it. THERE MUST BE NO PROOF OF THE SUPERNATURAL ALL POWERFUL RADIATOR MONSTER!! Ok, this is why everyone thinks you’re weird. Which I am. °Д°(¬‿¬) ok bye

That’s my radiator

Things I Want To Do After QuArAnTiNe

OK so I didn’t know what to write about so i just did this. Also can you plz comment read this is you read this its for an experiment. I hope I don’t have to explain what I’m doing. First of all, ThE tItLe, also I’m writing on a computer and its kind of annoying because its not auto correcting anything. OK here’s a list

go to Dashi and then the parlor with my friends (look them up :p)

go to my friend’s houses

watch a movie together

go camping together

go out for a fancy dinner

go to Target

go to the pool

go to the beach

go to over yonder (look up)

bake/cook with my friends

go to a party

go to a concert

plan redo birthday parties

have a bake sale

jump on my friends trampoline

play with my friends dogs/cats/bunnies why didnt i just say pets


build a tree house with my friends

go to target I think I already said that eh

go to Michaels

paint squishies with my friends

get the rest of my stuff from school



Hi so this is just going be me looking out my window and thinking, and then typing my thoughts. Okay.

I see my neighbor’s house. I wish I could go over there. We can only go in each other’s yards. I mean, I know I’m really lucky to have my neighbor, but still. I see the tree I climbed yesterday. You can get sooo high up. I only figured out how to do it a couple days ago, so it’s still pretty exciting. I see our old lamp post thing. I miss NY. I’m glad we don’t live there now though. I see the CPI sign in my neighbors yard. It’s really red. I wonder what CPI stands for. City Police…. Invoice? I don’t know. I see our road. Not that interesting. I wish they would pave our other road. OMG A CAR. There are never cars. I mean, there were never really that many cars cause we live in a really little neighborhood, but now there are like no cars. AND THERE WAS A CAR! Is it going to rain. I kind of hope so. I really like running in the rain. I go running with my neighbor. I do like everything with my neighbor. Well, except for everything inside, and school. So not everything. Everything is so GREEN. Our whole neighborhood is green now. Well except for…. Okay we don’t need to do that. Even my neighbor’s house is green. Ish. There’s a crack in this window. It’s not very big though. It’s probably fine. Or not DA DA DUUUUUHHH. That reminds me of this thing we did in second grade. I’m not going to explain. I might later if anyone cares that much, but most of the people who read these went to second grade with me, which is the majority of the world, but…. I’m just going to stop now. Okay fine it was that thing where the visiting author came and then there was this picture book with a red pen and then this guy hid in a trashcan and said da da duhh. That probably made it even more confusing. Yay! I wish we had a mailbox like my neighbor’s. Their’s has fake wood around it and a red flag. Ours is literally a metal box attached to the front of the house. It’s supposed to have a quill dipped in ink on it, but it honestly just looks more like a vacuum cleaner. Oooo a bird. Aw it flew away 🙁 It’s getting a little windy. I like wind though. Oh it stopped. Yey. This seems like a lot. Oh there’s this artist who made a creature called an Alot, so that people remember it’s two words. CAUSE IT IS OK GET IT RIGHT. Jeez calm down. Okay. Please please please reply, I’m tryna get to 2,00 subs!! No. I don’t even have YouTube. Okay bye.

Corona Kindness


Creative Commons

During self isolation, we might be mad, or sad, or frustrated. I myself am all three of those. But while this may seem hard and annoying, we have to remember to stay positive. Think about your parents and grandparents, who lived and fought through wars. All were being asked to do is sit on a couch and be patient. Try to think about something kind someone did for you. For me, pretty much everyday, I go see my neighbor. We are not allowed in each other’s houses, but our parents still let us play outside together, which is especially kind since her mother is a doctor. Whose parents are still going to work? My mom is. She still makes dinner when she comes home. My dad works from home, and he comes up and checks on us, makes us breakfast, and eats lunch with me. What kind actions have you done? What have you seen others do? Comment below please!!