So hi I’m in 7th grade now. It’s ok. Idk who’ll be reading this but I guess I have no guidelines other than just don’t be a sucky person. Or don’t be rude. You get the point. So I’ve got bunnies, Stormy and Cloudy. I love them with all my heart and they are so fluffy. It’s also fun to have pretend conversations with them which I know is weird but idc. By brother Olly went to college. ;-; Well he’s coming back this Saturday which might not be this Saturday when you read this but there’s nothing I can do about that so. Yeah speaking of which, covid. Yeah. It’s terrible. I bet our generation is gonna be the one to make dumb movies about it that’ll totally exaggerate everything and say that America made the vaccine and therefor we saved the world so we’re the best country and blah blah blah. No one cares. Well, now that we have Biden I’m hoping I can have a home that I’m proud of again. Am I banned from talking about politics on here? Uhm wellll. I mean this is an about me page I should be able to talk about me. And I mean who isn’t doing politics stuff right now? ANYWAYS. So I still like to read. And draw. Oh and I’m still weird if u didn’t notice. There needs to be an emoji for the face I just made. It’s like a weird smile, if you can imagine. Yeah. Omg I just looked over and you can assign “parent” page to a new page that’s adorable:3 My rabbits are licking my pants right now it tickles. So uh what else. Oh music! Here’s a list of some artists I like: twenty one pilots, panic at the disco, imagine dragons, AC/DC, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Alan walker, and I guess just a bunch of other random songs. Yeah but mainly I like, soft rock, oldies, pop, some EDM, and a teeny tiny bit of country. I like marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Oh I also love the madalorian. I’m in Hufflepuff because ok get ready for a rant all the other houses are dumb. Gryffindor people are all stuck up and annoying and bratty, Ravenclaw is just a bunch of smart alecks, and slytherin is ok I guess but they’re kinda sus and would definetly get voted out first in among us. I’m usually red in that game if ur wondering which u probably aren’t. Also the dungeon sounds cold and wet. See therefore Hufflepuff is the best. When you’re in need, all the other houses are gonna go and desert you, but not Hufflepuff!! We’re the only people who are actually nice. And loyal. I mean, what better qualities could you ask for in a friend. Also, Cedric, newt scamander, TONKS! And the fat friar definitely sounds like the coolest ghost. So yeah Hufflepuff is the best switch to Hufflepuff today and get 1000 points of awesomeness. So yeah uh that’s meeeeeee