Hey, I’m Leah. I’m in 6th grade. Oof. I’m a bookworm if you couldn’t tell from the title because maybe you didn’t care enough to read it. I mean the tag. I love the Warriors series especially. I just finished Dead Voices, the sequel to Small Spaces. I also love The Hunger Games, but the movies are just plain annoying. I mean, have you ever seen a movie as good as the book? I don’t know if you need to know that but who cares. I also like animals. No, I’m not a crazy horse whisperer or something. I just like them. I think they like me. I have no idea though. I really wish I could have a dog or a cat, but my family is super allergic. All except me. Ouch. I might be getting a bearded dragon soon though. After we get the mountain house. No, I don’t have anything to tell you I’ve written, because I’m not an author. I was born in New York, but now we are in North Carolina. I also can’t tell you what college I go to because I’m eleven, and I don’t think you care about my middle school. I’m also a Duke fan if you care about sports. I don’t really care about sports, I just do it for my brother. I have two by the way. So yeah that’s me.

4 thoughts on “About Leah (me stuff)

  1. Hi, Leah”

    I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

    I am also a bookworm, and I am a children’s librarian.

    Since you love “The Hunger Games”, might I suggest “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld?

    Where were you born in New York? I live on Long Island.

  2. Hey Mrs. Wohlafka, thank you for commenting on my post! Thank you for your book suggestion! To answer your question, yes, I was born in new York, in Brooklyn.

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