Things I Want To Do After QuArAnTiNe

OK so I didn’t know what to write about so i just did this. Also can you plz comment read this is you read this its for an experiment. I hope I don’t have to explain what I’m doing. First of all, ThE tItLe, also I’m writing on a computer and its kind of annoying because its not auto correcting anything. OK here’s a list

go to Dashi and then the parlor with my friends (look them up :p)

go to my friend’s houses

watch a movie together

go camping together

go out for a fancy dinner

go to Target

go to the pool

go to the beach

go to over yonder (look up)

bake/cook with my friends

go to a party

go to a concert

plan redo birthday parties

have a bake sale

jump on my friends trampoline

play with my friends dogs/cats/bunnies why didnt i just say pets


build a tree house with my friends

go to target I think I already said that eh

go to Michaels

paint squishies with my friends

get the rest of my stuff from school


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