Quarantine Whatsawhat

This is a Google Earth Photo of the house
This is a Google Earth Photo of the house


During quarantine I’ve done a lot, including fight with my brothers, snuggle my bunnies, go in the hot tub, play video games, listen to music, read, watch tv, bike, eat snow cones, play cards, shower, play with my brothers, eat, cook, draw, sew, color, wish I had a puppy, and walk. The one I’m going to be focusing on is walking, which at first I had in the middle of the list but then moved it to the end so it would look more important. So pretty much every day, my neighbor and I go on walks. Sometimes, they’re just a few minutes, other times, they go on for over an hour. Sometimes we bring her dog, but she’s getting older and has arthritis doesn’t like to walk very long. Usually we just walk through our neighborhood. Sometimes we see people we know. It seems two boys in our neighborhood had the same idea, as we saw them walking yesterday. Sometimes, we walk to things. One time, we went to the Pauli Murray memorial and saw her old house and a bunch of signs about her. Yesterday, we went to the big old sort of creepy house. There are actually two houses. You go through the big gate at the front, then through a little wooden door and across the yard, up to the driveway of the big house. They are both the same style, white with red shudders and greenish accents. The big one looks a little like a hotel. It’s like the Morrehead Hill Biltmore. Except a lot smaller. A LOT. It used to belong to one of the Dukes daughters, but she died five years ago. So anyways, you’re not allowed inside, for obvious reasons. I wish they’d left the fruniture inside. It was probably really old and cool, but now there’s literally nothing. The wallpaper and fireplace are still there though. Ok, you thought that was cool, well I don’t know if you that that was cool, but anyways, this is also really cool. I don’t want to say it’s even cooler, because, I don’t know, I feel like the house deserves some credit too, right? OoOkKk, so the next thing I’m going to talk about is the pool. That’s right, this house had a pool. Well, it’s still there, but it’s not in use. At least, I don’t think it is. It is still filled with water, which would be really gross if no one came to change or put chemicals in it. I really don’t know. There was no one there… I guess it’ll just remain a mystery. Unless someone knows. Ok, but the weirdest thing about the pool is the cover. You know in the winter when you drive by the pool and it has that tarpy looking thing over it? This was like the polar opposite. They’d truned their outdoor pool into an indoor pool, but using the cover! Imagine you kind of squished the Sydney Opera house a little, that’s what the sober looked like. It was really weird. You can even open this little door flap thingy and stuck your head inside, which I don’t recommend doing cause it smells really bad, but you’ll probably ever actually see it, because maybe you’re reading this from China or somewhere else far away. Or maybe you’re not reading at all. That’s more likely for the majority of the world. But we’ll, if you just read this, you ARE reading this. Ha! I need to stop. Ok, then by the pool there’s this weird little building, kind of like a snack shack I guess. They probably didn’t us either as a snack shack though. You don’t know what they used it as. Well, anyways, then you go up this set of stone stairs and to the tennis courts, which aren’t really tennis courts anymore because the nets are gone and the ground is covered in leaves and stuff. Ok, then you can go back to the yard, and there a cute little pathway with this pretty arch thing. There’s also a big power outlet which kinda ruins the look, but it’s not that big. Then, you walk in fort of the house again, and to another arch thing. Ok, this is probably my favorite part. If you walk through the arch, you come into this section of gardens but it’s super weird. There are a bunch of vertical bricks sober iron the ground it this weird pattern. There’s a big circle in the middle, and the four more quadrants that are sort of squares inverted in the side they face the circle. I saw it and I’m like woah, earth, fire, water, air. And my neighbors like, “Omg maybe we can summon Elsa like in Frozen 2!” I laughed so hard. But seriously. That place is magic. They definitely used it for some kind of ritual. I WANNA DO MAGIC. Man I’m crazy. Ok, back to the house. Then, you walk through the yard, and there are a bunch of old sheds. One of then was open, so I peeked in. There were just some paintings and some pots. Then, you reach the end of the property. You can either shimmy under the gate like a bandit, which would have been kinda cool, but my neighbor didn’t want to, so we just walked out down the drive way. Yeah, that’s the big, old, kinda creepy house.

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