What I Notice

Yesterday in class, we focused on what we notice. Hey, that rhymes! That’s something I notice. We all went outside and just sat quietly, noticing things. There are different kinds of noticing, all associated with your five senses. Hearing the annoying buzz of the air conditioning, watching a tiny inchworm crawl up a huge tree, tasting the sour Tang of your tangerine. All of those things are something you notice. Whether they are small details or broad topics, you can notice them all.

I notice lots of things. One is things that are furry or soft. When I go into a furniture store, I always see lots of soft blankets and furry pillows, always before I notice everything else. The other thing is bird calls. Whenever I’m outside, I always hear birds. It sounds like they’re talking to each other. Maybe one says ” How are you today?”. The other might answer “I’m good, how about you?”. Then I whistle into the air, not having a clue what that might mean to them, but they always call back to me searching for the sound they heard. Though they are very different, these are two things I notice. I hear and see them every day because they are important to me. What do you notice? Do you hear it? See it? Smell it? Whatever you notice is part of you, so treasure it, whatever it is. No matter what.

2 thoughts on “What I Notice

  1. Hi, I love how you are using your five senses to notice all the little things all around you. It’s a great way to come up with good writing ideas, and to feel better when you are having a hard day!

  2. Hi Leah, I love how carefully you are looking at the details around you. Sometimes I do that when I’m stressed out, because it helps me get my mind of problems, and into the rest of the world outside.

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