Window or Mirror

Window or Mirror

Leah S.


One book I read this summer was Serafina and the Seven Stars by Robert Beatty. All books are either windows or mirrors. A mirror is when you are looking back into your world or a world very similar to yours. For example, the same time period and a similar setting. A window is when you are looking into a different world. For example, a world in the past or where magical creatures and fantastical beings exist. 


Serafina and the Seven Stars is a window because you are looking into Serafina’s world in the 1800s. Her world is quite fantastical and filled with many different and amazing creatures. Robert Beatty has found a great way to give us every detail on these beings and almost makes us believe the story is real. As this book is the 4th sequel in the Serafina Series, you should definitely read the first three books too, starting with Serafina and the Black Cloak. If you like a book filled with friendship, hope, fantasy, and a powerful story, this is the book for you.


4 thoughts on “Window or Mirror

    1. My favorite is the second book, serafina and the twisted staff. You should definitely read these books. I know you would love them!

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